About High Plains Regional Education Cooperative

Welcome to the High Plains Regional Education Cooperative (HPREC) website. We are honored to serve our member districts in northeastern New Mexico.

Our continued goal is to provide innovative and research-based support and services to our member districts. We know that the public education landscape is always evolving, so we respond with expertise, best practices, and systematic approaches to support our member districts in meeting the educational and social-emotional needs of all students.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about the various support systems, projects, and services provided to our member districts and to districts and charter schools across the state. We work closely with the New Mexico Public Education Department to ensure that educators have access to the professional learning necessary to deliver quality classroom instruction to all students.

Our cooperative system of shared services and programs has proven cost-saving and efficient for rural northeastern New Mexico school districts. Visit our Procurement page to learn more about pre-bid contracts that are available to schools, state agencies, and public organizations.

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Focus on Career-Technical Education

High Plains REC is an unyielding advocate for high-quality and cost-effective Career and Technical Education (CTE). CTE experience and coursework are important components for all students as they select their post-secondary plans.

HPREC works closely with the New Mexico Department of Public Education College and Career Readiness Bureau on local and state-wide initiatives. We also develop programs and seek funding for HPREC-specific projects, customized to the needs of our member districts.

Visit our CTE page to learn more about how HPREC is helping students connect their academic learning to real-world success.

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