Overview of Sessions

Are We Supporting Our First Gen Students? Bridging Support from High School to College/Danelle Kirven/University of New Mexico

In the state of New Mexico, both the University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University have received NASPA First Gen Forward Designations. This designation allows both universities to amplify their service and support of first-generation students. This session will share the work that the University of New Mexico is doing to uplift our “First-Gen Proud” community. Additionally, the session will provide participants with resources to support their graduating seniors who are transitioning to college as first-generation college students. Participants will learn more about how higher education classifies first generation status for students, why it is important for students to understand this term, and how both public education and higher education can build a more seamless transition for this population of students using Yosso’s (2005) Cultural Wealth Model. Participants will walk away with resources to enhance their support for students and their families.

Community Collaboration Spotlight/Charles Reado/The State Office of African American Affairs

This session will provide a high-level overview of the State Office of African American Affairs and its efforts to support African American/Blacks in New Mexico. A key pillar of their mission is working with other community stakeholders to increase awareness and access to vital information and services. This session will illustrate its current collaboration with The Black Education Act bureau and initiatives for black students.

Charles Reado, State Office of African American Affairs

Conscious Curriculum: Notable Black New Mexicans/Dr. Charles Becknell, Sr.

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Culturally Responsive Leadership/Johnna Rocker-Clinton/Black Education Act Advisory Council

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Family Engagement Strategies/Catalina Neff/NMPED At-Risk Intervention Team

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How the Community School Model Supports Students of Color/Julie Brenning and Asha Villafane Hernandez/NMPED Community Schools Bureau

This workshop will explain the Community School model, and discuss how its strategies can support students of color by collaborating with their community stakeholders.

Law of Discrimination and how School Policy can be Built to Deter Discrimination/Maryam AHranjani, JD/University of New Mexico

This workshop will provide an overview of New Mexico and federal laws regarding discrimination in schools – along with current updates, including APS v. Johnson – with the goal of assisting educators in supporting all students and ensuring that their educational environments be free from discrimination to the maximum extent possible.

Meeting the Moment - A Deeper Understanding of the Educators Role in the Educational Space/Michael Baty/NMPED Black Education Act Bureau

This workshop will cover an initial overview of part one of the Meeting the Moment Racial Sensitivity Training. Within this workshop, participants will be guided through the information within the training as well as engage with one another discussing topics pertaining to implicit bias, race, culture, ethnicity, and their applicability within the educational space.

Overcoming Systems of Bias: Breaking Down Walls of Bias in the Educational System/Simonne Vann/NMPED Identity, Equity, and Transformation Division

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Positioning Students as Doers of Mathematics/Shafiq Chaudhary/NMPED Math & Science Bureau

“Because a mathematics teacher identity is, at least partly rooted in a teacher’s experiences as a mathematics learner, we must explore how those experiences may have been shaped, in turn, by race, class, gender and language.” This session will focus on interrogating our beliefs and practices to continuously improve the teaching and learning of mathematics. We will dive deep into the 5 Equity-Based Mathematics Teaching Practices. We will examine a student-centered experiential using the equity-based framework, reflecting on the experience from a learner, teacher, and pedagogical perspective and making connections to your role.

Shaping the Future: Feedback Session on the Strategic Plan for Black Teacher Recruitment & Retention/Joseph Ulibarri/NMPED Black Education Act Bureau

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Standing Strong: The Importance of Black Student Unions/Dannelle Kirven/University of New Mexico

This session will provide a historical overview of Black student leadership from the early 1900’s to today. Throughout the session, educators will connect historical moments in history to trends in Black student activism on college campuses. The session will close with educators reflecting on how they see themselves contributing to expanding Black student leadership in K–12 systems.

Strategies for Improving Support for Diversity Programs and Faculty of Color/Dr. Cynthia Wise

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Trauma Informed, Student Centered Strategies/Rachel McClelland/NMPED At-Risk Intervention Team

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