NMPED Identity, Equity & Transformation Division Panel Discussion

Moderator - Dr. Stephanie Mack - BEA Advisory Council Vice Chair

Stephanie C. Mack Ed.D., an educator, administrator, advocate, and personal support system for your elementary and special education needs. For well over 25 years, she has served students and families from the public-school classrooms, prison settings, and administrative offices. Dr. Mack has also served in the non-profit early childhood sector and corporate educational delivery programs in Texas and New Mexico.

Her passion and call to service are to ensure equitable learning, providing tools and resources, and to empower students and families. She is able to assist with support to elementary campuses and district programs, as well as assess processes and make recommendations for system wide improvement. Having served in rural, urban, and suburban low-income school systems, Dr. Mack brings a fresh perspective to district, campus, and individual family educational challenges.

Currently she works with Tribal Communities and rural education programs and is the owner and operator of A+ Class ACT Consulting in Corrales, NM.

Dr. Candice Castillo

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Michael Chavez

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Julia Rosa Emslie - New Mexico Public Education Department

Julia Rosa Emslie has over 20 years of progressive education experience working in public school systems, university programs, and at the state-level. Her work includes professional learning and leadership development for parents, families, teachers, principals, superintendents, advisories, and governance boards. She loves education event planning and project management and what she does best is design non-regulatory policy guidance to ensure compliance, understanding, and equity in the implementation of federal and state laws/funding. She currently serves as the Hispanic Education Liaison for the New Mexico Public Education Department and is tasked with ensuring that the department leverages the components of the Hispanic Education Act to support and empower local school districts and charter schools to improve how they serve Hispanic students and families.

Kirsi Laine

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Marvin Nogueda

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Rebecca Reyes

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Simone Vann - New Mexico Public Education Department

Simone Vann earned her bachelor’s degree in secondary mathematics education in 2013 from the University of New Mexico. She immediately started working at Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho, NM as an Algebra 2 teacher. At Cleveland, Simone designed an Algebra 2 modeling class for students who struggled with math, was a part of the NM Teacher Evaluation Taskforce tasked with revamping the teacher evaluation system, and participated in a group who designed a more equitable grading system for the Rio Rancho Public School District. In May 2020, Simone earned a master’s degree in Secondary education with an MSET focus and a minor in Educational Leadership at the University of New Mexico. Simone joined NMPED in January 2022 as the Black Education Curriculum Coordinator where she was instrumental in setting up the curriculum requirements of the Black Education Act. She was promoted to Identity, Equity, and Transformation Division Director in May 2022 where she continues her desire to make education equitable and accessible to all students. Simone’s motto is that all kids are capable of being successful in education if educators ensure their teaching material is relevant and accessible to all students.